A local mum has honoured her later daughter by gifting Princess Kate a special pair of earrings.

Princess Kate visited Maidenhead Rugby Club today (June 7) where she met with local players and participated in sporting tryouts.

During her visit Kate met Sarah Renton, whose 17-year-old daughter Issy Phipps sadly committed suicide on May 29.

Issy had been playing touch rugby for England and was doing an elite rugby programme.

Sarah, 53, gave the princess a special pair of earrings named after Issy which her cousin had made.

Upon opening up about her loss, Princess Kate comforted Sarah, who was hugged by the royal after accepting the gift.

The mother, from Cookham said: “Issy was wonderful and a real breath of fresh air.

“She had wonderful friends and surrounded herself with the best people. She was nailing life.

“Kate is just a real gentle soul, isn’t she. She just gave me a hug. She said she was devastated.”