ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI) is growing ever-popular as it can, supposedly, answer anything, so we asked it to make a new Monopoly board based on our town.

Artificial intelligence is designed to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making of the human mind.

So, we thought we'd try ChatGPT and see what it could come up with when asked to create a new Monopoly board based on Slough.

We used the following prompt: "If you were making a Monopoly game board for Slough, which locations would you pick for each colour? Pick three locations for each colour."

Here's what it came up with:

Brown (Low-Value Properties)

  • Cippenham - A residential suburb of Slough, known for its community spirit and local amenities.
  • Manor Park - A park in Slough featuring open spaces, playgrounds, and recreational facilities.
  • Salt Hill Park - A historic park with a lake, gardens, and sports facilities, offering a tranquil escape.

Light Blue (Medium-Value Properties)

  • Slough Trading Estate - Europe's largest industrial estate and a major commercial hub in Slough.
  • Herschel Park - A beautiful public park with formal gardens, a pond, and a playground.
  • Upton Court Park - A large park with open fields, woodlands, and a mansion house.

Pink (Medium-Value Properties)

  • Slough Museum - A local museum showcasing the history and heritage of Slough and its communities.
  • The Curve - A modern cultural centre in Slough, hosting various events, exhibitions, and performances.
  • Slough Ice Arena - An ice rink offering skating sessions, ice hockey matches, and other ice-related activities.

Orange (High-Value Properties)

  • Slough Library - A central library providing a wide range of resources, services, and community programs.
  • Slough Observatory - An astronomical observatory offering stargazing sessions and educational programs.
  • St Mary's Church - A historic church in Slough known for its beautiful architecture and community activities.

Red (High-Value Properties)

  • Langley Country Park - A scenic country park with woodlands, meadows, and nature trails.
  • Langley Academy - A prominent secondary school and educational institution in Slough.
  • Black Park Country Park - A large park with woodlands, lakes, and outdoor recreational activities.

Yellow (High-Value Properties)

  • Slough Central Mosque - A prominent religious institution and a symbol of diversity in Slough.
  • Stoke Poges Golf Club - A prestigious golf club located near Slough, known for its scenic course.
  • Jubilee River - A man-made river channel offering recreational opportunities and wildlife habitats.

When asked why it had chosen each Monopoly location, ChatGPT said: "The inclusion of Slough Trading Estate, Herschel Park, and Upton Court Park represents the balance between the town's commercial and industrial importance and its green spaces and leisure facilities.

"Slough Museum, The Curve, and Slough Ice Arena are significant cultural and recreational destinations in Slough that contribute to the town's vibrancy and community engagement.

"The inclusion of Slough Central Library, Stoke Poges Golf Club, and Jubilee River highlights the town's commitment to education and knowledge, as well as its outdoor recreational options."

The AI software added: "These locations were chosen to represent various aspects of Slough, including its residential areas, commercial and industrial centers, cultural and recreational landmarks, community services, educational institutions, and natural spaces.

"They aim to provide a well-rounded depiction of the town within the context of the Monopoly game and reflect the unique characteristics of Slough."

ChatGPT has proven that it can give insightful answers in an instant.