A WOMAN who has been waiting two years for her trial to start has had it delayed due to a lack of barristers.

Mary Little, 28, of Lyne Lane in Surrey, was due to stand trial at Reading Crown Court on Tuesday (June 27).

She has been charged with one count of criminal damage and one count of dangerous driving.

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It is alleged that she caused £4,578 worth of damage to a grey BMW One Series Motor car on December 17, 2021 in Maidenhead.

Little has denied the offence as well as driving dangerously in Cannon Lane in a Suzuki Vitara.

Judge Heather Norton apologised to Little, explaining there was ‘little that she can do’. No defence counsel could be found for the trial start date.

A barrister was found by Judge Norton in the morning but they needed to be instructed by a solicitor.

“I’m very sorry,” she said, “There’s little that I can do.  The law is as it stands that barristers have to be instructed by solicitors.

“It’s a terrible situation that everyone is in.”

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Little’s case will remain listed at the court this week in the hopes counsel can be found or instructed. If not, the case may be given a fixed date but Judge Norton warned that this could be ‘many, many months away’.