A video has been circulating online of a Formula 1 champion failing to pronounce 'Slough'.

Max Verstappen who won Formula 1 in 2022 and has won six consecutive races this season, sat down with the Red Bull racing team for a video later posted to their Instagram.

In the video, the Dutch motorsports driver tried his best to pronounce different British town names.

The funny video has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

Verstappen manages to pronounce Loughborough right but botches Worcester, pronouncing it as Worch-ester. 

However, the worst pronunciation came when he tried to pronounce Slough.

The racing star mispronounced the town's name, instead saying 'Sloth'.

He then pronounced the nearby town Wycombe properly. 

LeaseCar.uk has uncovered some of the most baffling names and spellings on Britain's maps. From Hunstanton to Teignmouth and Happisbrugh, there are many hard-to-pronounce villages and towns across the country.

"The English language can be challenging at best. Not only do we have words that are spelt and pronounced the same but have different meanings – read, bank, bat and bear are good examples – to complicate things further, some words contain heaps of letters that just aren't needed," Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk explains.

Max Verstappen delivered another crushing performance to win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone over the weekend as Lando Norris held off Lewis Hamilton in a brilliant fight for second place.

Verstappen’s sixth consecutive victory sees the Dutch driver move 99 points clear at the summit of the standings.