One Aldi customer has shared how she spends just over £10 on her food shop a week.

Shoppers have been swapping out popular brands for supermarket-own products, switching supermarkets and collecting coupons for years.

However, with the rising cost of living continuing to put a strain on many households, consumers are having to get more creative if they want to cut their costs.

One such shopper, Mia Munro, a student in Newcastle, has done just that by creating a meal plan that she uses to help her groceries go that much further.

Slough Observer: Mia Munro, a student in Newcaste, shared her £10 a week food shop at Aldi. ( Munro, a student in Newcaste, shared her £10 a week food shop at Aldi. ( (Image: Lates

Mia shared her weekly Aldi shopping list with the money-saving community, which comes to £10.08 at the time of writing.

The savvy student explained: “If it’s coming to the end of the month and I’m short on money, I save on my weekly shop by sticking to this list that comes to £10. It keeps me going for a week, and doesn’t break the bank.

“The total comes to £10.08 now, so just over a tenner which I think is great value for a week's worth of food. It used to be under a tenner up until a few weeks ago. Prices have gone up".

Aldi customer shared £10 a week meal plan

Here's what Mia's breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks look like when she follows her £10 - a week meal plan.

Breakfast: Porridge & Honey x 7

Lunch : Toast & Poached Egg x 2 / Sausage Sandwich x 1, Toast & Honey x 3, Jacket Potato & Spaghetti Hoops x 1

Dinner : Mixed Vegetable Omelette x 2 / Sausages, Mash & Veg x 3 / Jacket Potato & Spaghetti Hoops x 2

Snacks: Yogurt & Honey, Cookies & Cream Biscuits

"Sometimes I’ll spend a little more and pick up some bananas as an extra snack or pudding idea," Mia added.

5 ways to save on your weekly food shop

She continued: "I always buy them individually as it usually works out cheaper, and they’re only 18p each at Aldi. For example, for this shop I added a couple in bringing my total spend to £10.44.

“I don’t do this every week, but when I’m having a tight month and need to watch every penny, limiting myself to a £10 budget makes a big difference.

“With rents going up it’s getting harder and harder to stay on budget. I don’t want a credit card or to get into any debt, so this meal plan helps me keep on track.”

Slough Observer: This Aldi customer shared her £10 weekly meal plan. ( Getty Images)This Aldi customer shared her £10 weekly meal plan. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Aldi customer's £10 weekly food shop list

Here are the 11 items on Mia Munro's weekly food shopping list and how much it costs her:

  1. Nature’s Pick Baking Potatoes, 4 Pack - 67p x 2
  2. Everyday Essentials Porridge Oats 1kg, 90p
  3. McCallums Scottish Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk 2 Pints - £1.20
  4. Everyday Essentials Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread 800g - 45p
  5. Merevale British Free Range Medium Eggs 318g/6 Pack, £1.29
  6. Everyday Essentials Clear Honey 340g, 75p
  7. Everyday Essentials Spaghetti Loops In Tomato Sauce 410g, 19p x 3
  8. Butcher's Select Pork Chipolatas 340g/12 Pack, £1.79
  9. Four Seasons Mixed Vegetables 1kg, 99p
  10. Belmont Cookies & Cream Biscuits 300g, 45p
  11. McCallums Fat Free Natural Yogurt 500g, 35p


Co-founder of money-saving community, Tom Church, said: “I remember being a student and coming to the end of the month with just a few pounds left in my bank.

"I would buy porridge just like Mia, but also lots of rice dishes for dinner as rice was cheap. Mia’s £10 weekly food plan is creative and shows what’s possible on a budget.

"But behind it is also a worrying story about rising rents and the cost of living crisis.

"Student voices are often ignored despite them incurring the highest tuition fees ever, rising debt levels, and extraordinary rental costs.”

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