One Emmerdale fan was able to get a special sneak peek into what’s to come on the ITV soap as it's reported that a fan found a script for the soap whilst on a tour of the set.

The fan took part in a £35 tour in Leeds which lets viewers get a closer look at famous sets in Emmerdale, including residents' houses.

That also apparently means you can have a sneak peek into characters bins, as one lucky ticket holder found out.

Being told that the bins on set were not props, one fan went to put his water bottle in the rubbish, only to discover a top-secret Emmerdale script.

Emmerdale fan finds top secret script in the bin

As The Sun reported, the lucky fan said: “I just went to put a plastic bottle in and all of a sudden I saw the scripts, so I snapped a photo of them.

“It was a normal black bin on the set behind where the props for Chloe Harris's house are.

“The idea that such a famous production would leave scripts just lying around like that really is shocking, especially when in the wrong hands it could be used for other, more sinister reasons.”

The fan shared that the Emmerdale script was labelled confidential and gave hints at what’s to come for two pivotal characters.

Jai Sharma and his dad Rishi, played by Chris Bisson and Bhasker Patel, are expected to be involved in a crucial plot line.

Further details on what the script entails have been kept under wraps out of respect for Emmerdale’s loyal fan base.

However, ITV has shared a statement regarding the binned script: “We do take security very seriously as we know our audience don’t like knowing plotlines in advance.

“We will try to get to the bottom of how these scripts went missing.”