A video of a little boy has gone viral after he confused the heir to the throne with the government. 

In the video where six-year-old Aubrey from Maidenhead met Prince William in Windsor, he asks the royal: "How long until we are going to be able to see Prince William?"

Prince William was visiting with Princess Kate when he stopped for a chat, with many praising his light and jokey responses.

"We don't know where he is - have you seen him yet?" he said to Aubrey.

Aubrey tells him "No" and Prince William responds by saying: "Where do you think he is?

"Did he go that way?"

They both point toward the right and Prince William said: "He might come along in a minute - we'll see if he's there.

"Do you know what my name is?"

Aubrey quickly responds with: "The government." 

Laughing at the response, Prince William says: "No, I'm not the government."

"I look like the government, do I?" he said looking down at his navy suit.

"They dress like this a lot," he added.

He then reveals: "My name is William too."

Aubrey paused for a moment in confusion before exclaiming: "You're Prince William - it's Prince William, mummy."

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The two shake hands as others around chuckle.

Prince William pats Aubrey on the head and exchanges words with other bystanders before moving on.

The encounter happened the day after King Charles III's coronation on May 7.