TWO men have been found guilty of murdering a 21-year-old in Slough following a trial.

Kyron Lee was knocked from his bike in Earls Lane by a stolen black Golf on October 2 last year at about 8.50pm.

He was then chased into Waterman Close and stabbed with ‘machete-like’ weapons. He sadly died from ‘multiple stab wounds’.

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Inside the vehicle were five men – three of which stood trial at Reading Crown Court, starting on June 1, charged with murder: Khalid Nur, 20, Fras Seedahmed, 18, of Slough and Mohammed Elgamri, 18, of Windsor.

The jury have only found two of those defendants, Nur and Elgamri, guilty of murder.

Prior to the trial starting, Yaqhub Mussa, 21, was also charged with murder. However, he pleaded guilty before the trial and will now be sentenced with Nur and Elgamri.

A provisional sentencing date of September 1 has been pencilled in.

On Wednesday (July 26), after just over 24 hours of deliberation, the jury found Nur guilty of murder.

The 20-year-old, wearing a black suit, was tearful in the dock as the verdict was returned.

The following day (Thursday, July 27), after 29 hours and seven minutes, the jury found Elgamri guilty of murder.

Slough Observer: Waterman CloseWaterman Close (Image: Google)

Standing in the dock in a black suit, Elgamri dropped his head back as the verdict was read before shrugging back at Seedahmed.

However, no verdict was decided yet for the third defendant, Seedahmed. After 30 hours and 15 minutes, the jury was dismissed.

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Judge Amjad Nawaz, who oversaw the case, said:  "Ladies and gentlemen, I propose to discharge you from further continuation of this case.

"In a moment you will be free to leave. We appreciate you gave up your own time and came here to undertake a very important civic function.

“This trial, serious trial, had it’s stresses, not just on lawyers, defendants and witnesses but the jury too.

“We are conscious of that. We are conscious of your great patience. We are grateful. We acknowledgement that without you, these courts would not function.”

A fourth man, Yakoub Tarafi, 18, was also on trial charged with two counts of assisting an offender post murder.

The jury found him not guilty of both counts on Wednesday (July 26).  He was seen wiping away tears as he was discharged from the court.

A member of the jury could be seen crying as the verdicts of Nur and Tarafi were read.

A large police presence could also be seen around court due an alleged altercation outside between the families.

Slough Observer:

Judge Nawaz warned people sitting in the public gallery throughout the three verdicts being read that anyone who acted out would be arrested for contempt of court.

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Two other men, Elias Almallah and Mohamed Abduelle, have also been charged with murder but will stand trial at a later date.

Almallah, 21, of Eltham Avenue, Slough, was only charged earlier this month after it was believed he fled the country.

Abduelle, 20, is said to have had a hand in planning the attack. He also fled to Holland but was extradited and charged.