Slough readers are up in arms about the announcement of a seventh McDonald's in the area - stating their wishes for a Burger King.

Earlier this week McDonald's confirmed a new store for the Bishop Centre in Taplow, on the edge of Slough.

The branch is set to open in November, but it isn't the only one to be coming to the area.

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Not long before McDonald's had also put forward plans for a drive-thru branch in London Road, Langley, opening a public consultation to see what residents think about the proposals.

However, residents have been left perplexed by the decision.

"Not another McDonald's," Louise Stanley said.

Iain Davies added: "How many McDonald's does a town need?"

Simon Richard Pophale disagrees with the backlash, saying: "I don't see the problem. Surely more jobs in the area is a good thing? 

"Empty lots in retail parks are unsightly and a sign that an area is going downhill.

"The reason why these restaurants open is because people visit them. They are successful."

McDonald's can already be found at the Bath Road Retail Park, Buckingham Avenue, Slough High Street, Windsor Road and at the Asda on Telford Drive in Cippenham.

The two new McDonald's set to open will be on the far west and east sides of Slough.

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McDonald's can also be found in neighbouring towns Maidenhead and Windsor.

Samual Ashton said: "Need a Burger King in Slough."

Over 29 people agreed with him, with Jeff Haigh saying: "I think Slough has enough McDonald's now, we need Burger King or Five Guys."

Rebecca Hennessey added: "A local Burger King is so needed."

Meanwhile, some residents are raising concerns about the parking space, which is known to fill up and become gridlocked on weekends.

Kevin Sutton said: "We need a parking solution, this place can be a nightmare as it is."

While Rosie Smith added: "Can't wait to not find a parking space. Pretty hard as it stands currently."

"That’s going to ruin the place. It’s busy enough in there. Add a McDonald’s and no one will be able to get parked," said Anna Lovett.