An Italian gelato store with nearly a century of experience has launched a new store in Windsor.

Badiani opened on Peascod Street on Friday, August 4, boasting a bright purple exterior.

Badiani first launched in Florence in 1932, now claiming to be one of the "most prestigious gelato producers in the world", boasting authentic flavours.

The now award-winning company has brought its flavours to Windsor, where the public can enjoy a range of gelato flavours, sorbets, waffles, crepes and the newly launched "legendary" gelato burger.

Also on the menu are pinguinos and a range of artisan drinks including hot chocolate and coffees.

A spokesperson from Badiani said: "Our gelato is crafted in the age-old Italian tradition with modern culinary trends in mind.

"Our greatest passion at Badiani is to inspire people through our amazing gelato flavours, beautiful spaces and great service."

You can find Badiani at 13 Peascod Street, Windsor.