A village pub has seen in new management after it reportedly suffered to operate since the pandemic.

The George Steakhouse, previously known as The George, is a pub in the village of Wraysbury.

In late April the pub saw in new owners, with Morne Coetzer taking up position as General Manager.

The establishment on Windsor Road was then refurbished inside and out with a brand new look to the exterior.

However, not long after the ownership change, The George Steakhouse was given a zero hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency who found issues with labelling procedures and food handling.

Morne said: "You are sadly right that the George was given a zero-hygiene rating by the food standards agency.

"The management and ownership were changed before the health inspector’s visit which uncovered several issues predominantly relating to the internal labelling procedures which had not been kept up to date this is why, despite the rating, the inspector did not close the premises."

At the point of inspection on July 5, The George Steakhouse was still preparing to reopen with the official opening being in the second week of July.

Morne added: "Prior to that the team were in training and operational systems were being implemented by the various suppliers. 

"There was a delay in these caused by the contractors and the shortages of staff. 

"Therefore when we had a visit from an environmental health officer in the first week of July, not all the compliance systems were fully operational but the officer could see that they were in the process of being installed which is why she agreed to a return visit four weeks later."

According to the steakhouse, health officers have since re-visited the premisis, reportedly stating that they are pleased to see that the majority of issues have been rectafied.

The George Steakhouse has been given permission to re-apply for a new Food Standards Agency report.

Morne added: "We can confirm that we have re-applied for a re-rating but have been informed that this can take up to 28 days. 

"We therefore anticipate the re-rating to reflect the true and accurate updated score but in the interim we have filed a ‘right to reply’ with the evidence of the updated visit.

"All the team at the George Steakhouse take food safety and hygiene very seriously on behalf of all our customers. 

"We have invested allot into the fabric of the building, internal controls, food safety and hygiene administration and the business has been winning back customers lost over the past years on account of the quality of the food we serve and the authenticity of our service."

Prior to new management The George had reportedly struggled to operate due to changes adversly impacting the industry since the pandemic.

The business was open four and a half days a week and required "immediate change" according to Morne.