A set of buildings at Upton Hospital is set to be demolished following approval from Slough Borough Council.

Planning permission has been granted for blocks 15-18 and 26 to be taken down, with the applicant deeming the buildings 'no longer required'.

The site sits on the northwest corner of the Upton Hospital grounds at the junction of Church Street and Osborne Street.

Existing buildings set for demolition at the site are single-storey.

The demolition management plan reads: “The contractor will plan the works, so far as is reasonably practical, that deliveries and other construction operations are coordinated to minimise any negative impact on the patients, staff and users of the hospital’s service roads.

“Deliveries are to be managed on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, and will be carefully planned, pre-booked and managed on-site to avoid backing up of vehicles on adjacent roads.”

Slough Borough Council approved the plans for demolition with conditions, including that the work should be carried out within five years of the application being received.

The site totals approximately 0.638 hectares - slightly less than the area of a football pitch. It is currently unoccupied and fenced off at the perimeter.

Plans submitted to the council expect the work to commence in September with a view to completion by April 2024.

Located on Albert Street, Upton Hospital offers community and mental health services for all ages.

The hospital will continue to be in use while the demolition work is taking place.

The plan further reads: “It is to be noted that the proposed demolition works will be undertaken adjacent to a live hospital, especially when removing the areas closest to the retained corridor.

“It will be essential for the contractor to ensure the continued functioning of the occupied areas, as well as the safety of all patients, visitors, and staff on site.”