A Slough boy has achieved top marks in GCSE maths six years before he would typically sit the exam.

Lucas Tsang, 10, took the exam this summer at Churchmead School, Datchet, after spending his free time teaching himself the content.

Since the age of three, Lucas' mother said he has displayed an "exceptional aptitude" for mathematics, having self-taught himself maths operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Last year, inspired by a news story about a young boy who passed his GCSE maths early, Lucas decided to take on the challenge as well.

Determined to get the highest possible grade, Lucas devoted his free time to studying the maths GCSE curriculum using textbooks and online resources while continuing at his primary school. 

Speaking on his success, Lucas said: "Getting a nine in my maths GCSE is a huge achievement.

"I wanted to challenge myself and prove that age is not a barrier to success.

"This achievement has motivated me to keep pursuing my academic and personal goals with even more determination." 

In 2017 the traditional alphabet grading system A to E was replaced with numbers one to nine.

Nine is the top mark that can be achieved at GCSE level and translates to an A*.

Lucas' mother Karen Lam said: "When I opened the results envelope, I was not only immensely proud but also pleasantly surprised.

"His dedication and hard work were evident throughout his exam preparation, but considering the adjusted grade boundaries this year, a grade nine was beyond my expectations.

"This achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment."

Karen added: "Intelligence alone is not sufficient for success - the right attitude and a strong work ethic are equally vital."