A Michelin chef is handing over the title of head chef at his pub to his son.

Chef Simon Bonwick took over The Dew Drop Inn located in Hurley in February.

Since then the pub has won a series of awards including being featured in the Top UK 100 Restaurant Awards, Good Food Guide Best Local and Michelin Guide.

Now Simon has announced that the day-to-day runnings of the kitchen at The Dew Drop Inn will be handed over to his son, Charlie Bonwick.

Simon plans to continue working alongside his son to evolve their cuisine.

Charlie has undertaken many roles at Michelin-starred restaurants and in Private Service over the past eight years while apprenticing and working with his Dad, first at their Michelin-starred Crown, then in Shoreditch and now at The Dew Drop Inn.

Charlie said: "It’s a heavy responsibility taking over the day-to-day running of the kitchen here, what with my father’s reputation and all.

"He’s always been a nightmare to work for over the years, but man do you learn from him. His culinary philosophy and skill is very deep.

"I am confident with my taste, my hand, and the gesture and movement within my cooking that all will be safe and well."

Simon described Charlie as a confident, quiet chef.

"He has a lot that he wishes to do with our beautiful cuisine, I trust him completely. I will spend time cleaning the Pub more and practising our craft," Simon said.