A new pan-Asian restaurant has launched in Windsor.

Banana Tree is the newest edition to the town and goes above and beyond to meet everyone's taste.

Whether you fancy a Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian or Japanese dish - Banana Tree has an extensive menu that has you covered, picking the best and most popular dishes from the Asian continents.

What's more, 40 per cent of the menu is plant-based, so no matter your dietary requirements you'll be sure to find something suited to your needs.

However, what stood out to me the most was the chain's claim to having the best Katsu Curry in town.

The popular Japanese dish is something I often order when out and about so took it upon myself to go down and check out their claim.

Arriving at Banana Tree, which can be found in the Royal Station Parade, you are greeted by the signature banana trees at the entrance, before you proceed to either indoor or outdoor seating.

The old train station has been used to create different sections of seating and the layout complete with an open bar makes the space seem cosy. Despite this, I found the selection of music, which I considered to be trance, a little strange.

For starters, my dining partner and I had the sweetcorn fritter balls with sweet chilli sauce (£5.95) and the Mekong prawns (£8.45).

The sweetcorn fritters were amazing, with a crunchy outer shell and soft inside which coupled perfectly with the chilli sauce.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the Mekong prawns which were done fantastically, but the chilli salsa they came with was too spicy for my liking - so be warned if you aren't a fan of spice.

I washed the course down with a wild strawberry sparkler ( £6.95) which added sweetness to the experience.

Moving on to the long-awaited chicken Katsu Curry (£15.95) I was surprised to find the curry came with some rather hard edamame instead of salad like other brands choose to provide.

The curry sauce was delicious and I was more than pleased to see the amount of chicken that was provided.

Together with the rice, the course was pleasant, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it was better than competitors Katsu Curries.

I felt it lacked salad, which if provided would have put it on par with neighbouring brand Wagamama's.

My dining partner ordered the chicken teriyaki stir fry (£15.95) and swapped the rice with noodles for an added £1.50.

The mix of savoury and sweet went down a treat and the plate was cleared before we moved on to desserts.

From the start, the banana frotiteroles (£6.45) caught my eye, and I chose vanilla ice cream to go with them.

The banana coated in batter was crunchy and gooey at the same time and I loved the hot and cold combination when eating the dessert with the ice cream.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Banana Tree and would recommend the restaurant to others.

While completely new to me, it was great to see the brand had affirmed its identity on the market and residents seemed eager to try it out.

Upon arriving the restaurant seemed busy and throughout the night small touches such as putting banana leaves on each dish made the experience memorable.

On the day we were also offered a free dessert if we left a review, so if you plan to go along you may also be in for a treat.