CALENDAR GIRLS is a tale of trauma and triumph all mixed into one brilliant musical comedy.

The performance at the Theatre Royal Windsor was equal measures emotional while consistently prompting roaring laughter from the audience.

A story well-known from many successful years in film and on stage of a group of WI ladies who opt to get their kit off to raise money for the local hospital in memory of a loved one.

With such, it can often be hard to live up to the long-standing reputation of a top tale and brilliant history of talent that has depicted the Yorkshire-based story. Plus the musical genius of Gary Barlow and Tim Firth to go alongside that.

However, the cast and creatives that brought Calendar Girls the Musical to the Theatre Royal Windsor did not disappoint. It promised more laughs, more songs, and more iced buns - and it delivered!

Five minutes into the performance and the beautiful yet intimate auditorium of the Theatre Royal was roaring with laughter.

The storyline takes you on the journey of losing a loved one. It took a little while to adjust to the contrasting switch between the rambunctious WI meetings to the sombre feels of the hospital waiting room. But the cast’s talented ability to switch between emotions soon had you right there in the hospital waiting room with them. 

Despite this, laughter was very much a theme that continued throughout. The tale brings with it too many funny moments to count, while the brilliant comedic timing from many of the cast took this up an extra notch.

A stand out performance from Amy Robbins who plays Annie’s wild yet supportive best friend and the one who first pitches the plan for a naked charity calendar.

Robbins was clearly cast as a character to rally her colleagues as well as the audience, and she did this expertly. Being a friend’s shoulder to cry on to baring it all, the Coronation Street star successfully lifted spirits and fully encapsulated both the trauma and triumph of Calendar Girls.

There are not many shows that rouse such a contrasting emotional experience but Calendar Girls the Musical manages to balance the rawness that comes with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis - something many will relate to - while keeping the auditorium roaring from start to finish. 

The hilariously fun journey of watching the ladies navigate their way through the charity challenge from January to a crescendo at Christmas was both glorious and inspiring. 

Having never personally done a naked calendar, it still feels strangely relatable to the audience - from the insecurities discussed to the precious moment of rallying the troops or a group of friends to help get you through tough times and emerging triumphant.

Every one of the star-studded cast had the audience lapping up the laughter and the toe-tapping musical brilliance lead by musical director Jordan Alexander provided the perfect backdrop. 

The show ticks all the boxes as the audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster of trauma and triumph - with belly laughs never too far away. 

As the posters say ‘More Iced Buns Please!’ - a fantastic evening out!

Calendar Girls the Musical continues the tour on to Sheffield, Cheltenham, and Birmingham in the coming weeks before returning nearer by at Milton Keynes Theatre in Bucks from October 17.