“I’M deeply sorry for my wrongdoing,” said a young man caught with £250,000 worth of cocaine.

Hamzah Janjua, 25, was caught on March 31 this year in Belgrave Road, Slough with Class A drugs in the boot of his car.

In an attempt to flee from police, he crashed into a parked vehicle before officers arrested him.

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Janjua, of Beamount Road, Slough, was subsequently charged with one count of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and one count of dangerous driving.

He pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court about a month before he was due to stand trial.

Judge Neil Millard sentenced him to four years imprisonment (47 months) at the same court on Wednesday (September 27).

Opening the case, prosecutor Toby Manhire said: “The defendant was driving a Hyundai and officers had information that the vehicle was involved in the supply of drugs.

“They tried to stop the defendant who reversed up the road to try and escape but collided with another vehicle and became boxed in.

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“A mobile phone was seized and it supports the assertion that the defendant was on the phone to another while he was stopped.”

His vehicle was searched and a quantity of cocaine was found totalling £66,000 worth in wholesale value and £250,000 in street value.

Defending Janjua, his barrister Benjamin Walker-Noland said that the 25-year-old had only become involved in the supply of cocaine due to his own addiction and needing to pay off a debt.

“He became dependent on cocaine and had no income to fund his addiction,” he said. “Therefore, he became involved as a courier. His involvement was entirely limited to being a courier.”

In relation to the dangerous driving charge, Mr Walker-Noland said Janjua had been instructed by whoever was on the other end of the phone to try and flee.

He added: “He didn’t try to make matters worse, he doesn’t try to ram his way out. He said it was someone else on the phone pressuring him.”

In a letter written to the court, Janjua said: “I’m deeply sorry for my wrongdoing. I’ve never been away from my family for this long and I’ve left behind a lot of responsibilities.”

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Sentencing, Recorder Millard said: “Anyone who regularly attends these courts knows the destruction and misery that addiction to Class A drugs does to many lives in the communities we live in.

“So anyone involved in dealing Class A drugs can only expect to be met with the severest of sentences.”