Royal Windsor Racecourses’ Autumn Afternoon Racing will be returning this October. The event will take place on Monday October 9 where guests can experience the thrill of live horse racing.

Organisers describe the races as the ‘perfect excuse to get family and friends together’. Delicious food and drink will also be on offer for attendees to enjoy whilst watching the racing.

The event is said to have ‘an incredible atmosphere,’ the thrill of watching live horse racing as thundering hooves fly past.

Gates will open on the day from 11:50, with the first race taking place at 13:50. The last will take place at 16:20, and there will be 7 races in total.

The course is easily accessible by car, rail, and by boat. A unique feature of Windsor Racecourse is its river shuttle which departs from Windsor Promenade and arrives at their private jetty.