Bin collections were brought to a halt today after residents threatened the crew with physical violence and the creation of a mob.

Slough Borough Council has apologised to residents of the Kings Reach estate in Upton, who did not have their red bins collected today.

It comes after crews collecting recycling on Starling Crescent, were met with an angry resident after his bin, which was considered contaminated, was not collected.

The man threatened the crew with physical violence and the creation of a mob to ensure the crew would never be allowed to come back to the estate without being harmed.

The crew left the estate immediately and the matter has been reported to the police.

Just last week Slough Borough Council upped the number of items which could be recycled in the red bins; meaning more items than ever could be placed in the red bin leading to less contamination and a reduction in waste.

Councillor Dexter Smith, leader of the council, said: “The behaviour of this man is appalling and has not only shaken the bin crew enough they could not continue but also led to his neighbours not having a collection today.

“We apologise to those neighbours whose red bin was missed today but we have a zero-tolerance approach to threats to our staff and, rightly, the crew removed themselves from the situation and harm’s way.

“We understand bin collections can be an emotive subject and having a contaminated bin rejected is frustrating but there is no excuse for threatening our crews who are doing their jobs in very difficult circumstances.

“Any threat to any member of staff in unacceptable, will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police.”

Previously only plastic bottles could be recycled in the household red bins but now nearly all types of loose plastic can be put in the recycling bin.

However, all plastics, like tins and cans, should be cleaned of any food or other items before being placed in the red bin.

The only plastics which can’t be recycled in the red bins are plastic bags (including bread bags, carrier bags and bin liners), cling film and any polystyrene containers or packaging.

Red bins which contain non-recyclable or food-contaminated items – such as pizza boxes, plastic bags, cling film, nappies, electrical items and old clothes – will lead to red bins being rejected.