Heavenly Desserts is the newest dessert parlour to come to Slough, boasting a prime location on the corner of the High Street.

Following the rise of restaurants specialising in sweet treats such as Treatz and Creams, Heavenly Desserts has a wide offering of hot and cold desserts.

A wide selection of drinks is also on offer, along with 'chocolate shots'.

We were kindly invited down to the restaurant following their launch on Friday, September 15 to try the offering and test whether in fact it truley was heavenly.

The 20 page menu handed to us when we walked in came as a surprise, with every type of dessert imaginable listed, alongside an array of drinks.

The menu featured everything from the traditional ice cream, waffles and crepes found in your regular dessert shop - to cheesecakes, mochi, macarons, kunafeh, baklava and milk cakes.

Overwhelmed by the choice, we decided to order our drinks first.

I went for the passion fruit martini (non alcoholic) (£4.95) which came beautifully presented - and tasted as good as it looked.

Slough Observer:

While my dining partner opted for a strawberries and cream milkshake (£5.80), which they said was "light and authentic" and a great combo with the desserts.

We then ordered 'grow up' (£9.35) a cookies and cream cheesecake complete with biscoff milk syrup - served in a plant pot with mint.

Slough Observer: The fun design added to the experience, with the cheesecake tasting delicious.

I also ordered the crepe 'I'll have what she's having' (£8.70) as it is the closest to what I would normally order in a dessert parlour.

The dish came with fresh strawberries, warm belgian milk chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup and gelato.

The pancake was the perfect texture and the combination of strawberries and chocolate with the cold ice cream was a delight.

Intrigued by the concept, my dining partner ordered the ruby chocolate and rasperry croffle (£9.50).

Slough Observer:

They described it as a "perfect balance of flavour, delivering a chocolate fix with fruity notes".

Overall we were thoroughly impressed by the dessert parlour, which was very busy on a Wednesday evening.

Staff seemed swept off their feet and every dish came out looking 'heavenly'.

I would definetly recomend Heavenly Desserts for anyone with a sweet tooth as you'll find something to your taste in the menu.

For those more indecisive, the dessert restaurant also offers a range of tapas, priced at three dishes for £12.50 and five for £19.