The news of Tummies restaurant in Cippenham being sold for £2.5million has been met with shock and surprise from local residents.

Having been serving the local community on Station Road since the restaurant was established in 1988, many in the area visited often.

However, in January Tummies closed due to "unforeseen circumstances" and the owner released a statement apologising and adding that the closure was "temporary".

Tummies never reopened and on Thursday, September 28 it was announced that the restaurant had been sold to a new owner.

The new owner, Amol Khullar, said: “We look forward to speaking to a range of operators to invest and reopen this key site in Slough. It has been a beloved restaurant for years and we hope that it will continue on with us as the new owners.”

With the hunt for new owners on, our readers have spoken about the past, present and future of the establishment.

Persephone Jones worked at Tummies from 1998 to 2006.

She said: "It was packed out nearly every night of the week.

"Claude worked himself into the ground to establish Tummies as the best independent restaurant in the area.

"I hope whoever has bought it brings it back to its former glory."

Tracie Cook Ricketts also praised Claude stating he ran an "impeccable" restaurant.

Maria Joana Andrade added that she visited Tummies a lot and found the staff to be "incredibly kind and patient".

Keli Macey said that the closure since January has been a "huge loss" to Cippenham.

She added: "I miss the Tummies that was. Fingers crossed the new owners give us good food and good service, just as we had there for so many years."

Debra Jackson added: "Absolutely loved this place."

However she added in more recent years it had started to look "tired and run down".

Other residents shared what they hoped would open in the space.

Maria added she hopes the restaurant would serve "the kind of food it used to serve when Claude was running it. Delicious traditional European with a twist."

A Turkish grill restaurant, Indian, a diner or somewhere serving Caribbean food were amongst suggestions.

While other hoped a chain like The Harvester or Nandos would take it on.

Amrat Cambo added: "It would be nice to have an all-rounder.

"Maybe a nice restaurant that fits all cuisines around the world. Something unique. But also something that offers healthier foods to - too many fast foods on Bath Road."