A council has been criticised for not raising Israel's flag in solidarity with the victims of Hamas’ attacks on the country.

Hamas launched the assault from the Gaza Strip on the morning of October 7, in which dozens of Israeli civilians have been killed and taken hostage.

Government buildings and local authorities around the country have raised flags in solidarity - but it is understood RBWM council doesn't own an Israeli flag. 

The authority held a minute’s silence ahead of its meeting on October 10 led by Mayor Neil Knowles.

In a statement, the mayor said: “Our deepest thoughts and sympathies are with all those affected by these abhorrent terror attacks in Israel. As a borough and a council, we strongly condemn these horrific acts of violence.

“We are proud to be a diverse borough, including an established Jewish community, and we know that many residents will be worried for the safety of family and friends living in the region.

"As a mark of respect for all those affected, I will be leading a one-minute silence at tonight’s full council meeting.” 

However, the council received criticism from Conservative politicians for not flying the flag of Israel in solidarity.

The council previously raised the flag of Ukraine over Maidenhead’s Town Hall to mark the war-torn nation’s independence day.

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie said: “I unequivocally condemn the invasion and rocket attacks by Hamas terrorists into Israel.

“They have been targeting and murdering innocent civilians and disclosed their true nature.

“I would personally like to see the flag flown in solidarity, and I am surprised to hear that RBWM have chosen not to do so, and would urge residents to contact their local councillors to make their views heard.”

The violence from Hamas have been met with widespread condemnation across the world.

Israel responded to the attacks with airstrikes, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaring the country to be in a state of war.

Hamas, which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the UK, US, EU and several other countries, rules the Gaza Strip – a small pocket of land on the Mediterranean Sea between Israel and Egypt.

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Windsor Jack Rankin said: “The horrific scenes of terror perpetrated by Hamas, targeting and murdering innocent Israeli citizens, has shocked us all. I unequivocally condemn these attacks and support Israel’s right to defend itself.

“It is important that we show solidarity at this time, to Israel and her citizens, but also with the Jewish community locally. Illuminating Parliament in blue and white, and town halls flying the flag of Israel is a powerful demonstration of that solidarity.

“I have been disappointed that RBWM is not flying the flag of Israel from the Guildhall or Maidenhead Town Hall, they should be doing so at the earliest opportunity.”

UK government buildings were invited on Sunday to fly the Israeli flag until 8pm on October 10. While some local councils have followed suit, they were not obliged to do so.

It is understood the council does not have an Israeli flag in its stocks and that it would not have been logistically possible to obtain on within the time frame.