A Berkshire town that has been the subject of un-justified ridicule and famed for it’s ‘dreary reputation’ has recently been given the title of the ‘top commuter town in the UK’.

With an estimated population of 164,000, Slough is a mere 28 minutes from Paddington catering to over 400 businesses.

Although applauded for its cultural diversity and vibrancy by residents, different negative associations in the media have set the town in a bad light.

In 2001, the commuter town was the setting for The Office and portrayed as the home to Wernham Hogg paper company where “life is stationery”.

However, research conducted by The Telegraph has found that the town is worthy of reassessment when considering factors.

Over 3.6 million variations were considered including travel times, house prices, annual and daily transport costs, proximity to outstanding primary and secondary schools, green spaces, train overcrowding, distance from the coast, and the number of pubs and restaurants within two kilometres of the station.

When speaking at the Black History Month event, residents commended Slough for its cultural diversity, and life.

Nzinga Zee Orgill, founder of Racexpert Limited said: "Slough has had some challenges but also, it’s a vibrant cultural beautiful rich town that’s got so much going for it and a really strong community that loves and care for it.”