Carters Steam fair has seen a series of successful sales following the announcement of its final move to find new owners for its fairground equipment.

The famous fair, seen in blockbuster movies such as Paddington 2, and loved by many in the Berkshire area, stopped touring in April 2022 after the Carter family said the “crazy” travelling was unsustainable.

Joby Carter sought a permanent home for the historic equipment, but after failing to find a site or buyer, he made the decision to auction off some of the attractions in July.

Now three months down the line, the final rides are up for sale.

On October 9, Carters Steam Fair announced that James and Antony Horton purchased the High Flyers (swing boats) and Mini Octopus.

In a post on Facebook, Carters said: "The Horton’s are first class operators of vintage fairground equipment who I have known for many years and worked with on different film and corporate work.

"It’s great to know that rides I have restored and operated will continue to entertain and make a living for the new owners.

"Now the task in hand is to find new custodians for the rest of the attractions.

"Today we are starting to build up the rides in our yard with a grand open weekend planned on October 28 and 29."

Previously Joby had reflected on his original goal to find a permanent home for the collection, but after exhausting all options, no buyer came forward for the whole fairground.

He added that discussions have brought to light how prospective buyers would like to buy rides individually, leading to the final auction of the fair which was announced on Wednesday, September 27.

Items for sale from the collection of rides include the British Galloper horses, dodgem cars and rare vintage vehicles which are used to pull and power the fair.

Joby added: "I know that our fans will be sad to see the collection broken up and we were humbled by the outpouring of support we had throughout our final 2022 tour.

"I’ve always said that I am merely a custodian of these heritage rides and if we need to find individual homes for their legacy to continue then it feels like the right thing to do."

During October the rides will be brought out of storage and assembled for potential buyers to view.

Fans of the fair have a final opportunity to see the rides at the White Waltham headquarters on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29 from 10am to 10pm. Entry is free.

Remaining funfair merchandise, signage or staff uniform will also be available to buy.