A new McDonald's has been granted a 24/7 license to trade in an out-of-town location.

Buckinghamshire Council met on Wednesday, October 11 to discuss McDonald's licensing application to sell food and drink between the hours of 11pm and 5am seven days a week in addition to their already permitted 5am to 11pm.

The restaurant is set to open in the Bishops Centre in November in a unit previously occupied by Evans Cycles.

In the 24/7 licensing application, McDonald's said: "This restaurant understands that in extending our opening hours we have a duty to the local community and that we continue to protect our staff and customers from danger and harm."

Licensing Officer Stacey Bella outlined how no objections were made against the application by the police, licensing authority, environmental health and fire authority.

However, 91 objections were made by members of the public and councillors.

Issues cited included traffic, parking, noise, anti-social behaviour and crime.

In the meeting, Julia Shanu-Wilson stated she had objections to the application stating: "There is going to be a lot of people congregating outside because there is insufficient seating inside therefore causing public noise and nuisance."

Another individual raised the presence of another McDonald's on Bath Road just a mile or two down the road with a 24/7 trading license. 

Meanwhile, Catherine Knight told the McDonald's legal representative: "You are not thinking in terms of the local community.

"The lanes that come down from other areas are not suitable for night driving, the A4 has accidents often, and young people have been killed recently. It is not a safe environment for people between the hours of 11pm and 5am. There is not a need for this."

Roger Worthington added his concerns about creating a 24-hour corridor between Slough and Maidenhead through the Greenbelt. 

Joe Mc Gochian added concerns about parking, stating the Bishops Centre is the "worst thing to have happened to the area".

Despite the objections, McDonald's has set out plans to prevent public nuisances such as litter and noise, with plans to roll out CCTV and a Staffsafe system to ensure crime and disorder are minimalised.

The chain also plans to implement safeguarding practices for children and will be working in partnership with fire and environmental services to ensure adequate training is given to staff.

On October 17 Buckinghamshire Council decided to allow the 24/7 trading license.