Slough has often been slammed on social media, with it being named the fourth worst place to live by the iLiveHere poll early this year.

Since then a handful of TikTokers and YouTubers have visited the town to have their say, with locals not impressed by the young stars.

YouTube Channel UK Explored is the latest to visit the area.

The channel states: "Our goal is to bring you an unbiased, unfiltered, and honest view of the UK."

On September 24 the channel posted a video entitled: "The worst and most shocking areas in Slough uncovered: Public order notices, rats and worse."

The video presenter begins by introducing Slough as a town in Berkshire 20 miles west from central London with a population of around 158,000.

He adds that Slough's demographic is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the whole of the UK and that Slough has the largest industrial estate in Europe.

In the video, the man cites the House of Commons list of the most deprived areas in Slough and visits Baylis, Britwell and Chalvey.

On his visit to Baylis, he said: "As soon as I parked up I saw litter everywhere and other bulky items dumped in the street."

He quickly saw a public spaces protection order which asked people to not urinate, defecate or spit - alongside consuming alcohol in a public space.

Slough Borough Council have been approached for comment regarding these signs.

He then took a look around Baylis Park. Along his walk, multiple signs were found regarding littering. One states: "Each year the council spends £1.8 million on removing unwanted litter from our borough, including out parks."

Continuing his narrative, the presenter said: "Baylis park is a huge open space and should be a public space everyone can enjoy and experience some nature and quiet time away from the looming industrial presence in Slough - but it has been trashed.

"As you can see it is poorly maintained. There is litter everywhere. Drinkers leave their empties around the benches and kid's play areas.

"It feels more like I have found a lost park than a centrepiece of the community."

He added Baylis house seems "out of place" with its surroundings.

"Overall Baylis is clearly in need of more help than it is getting from the council and the residents also need to play a part."

Moving on to Britwell, the presenter noticed a large amount of flats, litter and public protection orders.

"It never feels like you are far away from something that has been fly-tipped," he added.

He praised the area for its shopping district and "decent" parks and public spaces.

"Britwell felt like one of the better areas I have been to in Slough."

Chalvey were where things got "more interesting" and "took a turn for the worst" the presenter continued.

With the area having the highest level of crime in Slough - he added it is the most "deprived, diverse and economically challenged".

Litter was seen strewn across street corners and bins were left to overflow alongside flytipping on the streets.

"Walking around the estate it is pretty depressing, there is loads of litter everywhere and it smelt really bad," he said.

Rats, litter and graffiti were seen in a park described as being in a "terrible state".

He reported seeing women "working the streets" in broad daylight, homeless people and those drinking in public.

Wrapping up the video the presenter states how he hoped he has provided an "honest look" inside Slough.

"I don't want to end on a depressing note but I think it also demonstrates some of the problems the UK is facing right now."