One person's hopes for a Windsor Pride have sparked interest from dozens in the community.

Stephen Perry Harris, 45, from Datchet, posted a cryptic message on the Facebook group 'Windsor People' on Saturday, October 21.

It read: "Did I hear a murmur that there is going to be a Windsor pride next year?"

Members were quick to share their opinions about a potential event, with the majority in support of a local event.

Pride events have been running in local towns over the last few years, including Newbury, Reading and now Bracknell as of this year.

Speaking to the Observer, Stephen shared how they first became involved with Pride and how they have since put proposals in to launch a Pride event in town.

A few years ago Stephen joined a friend and attended their first pride, pessimistic about what it would be like.

"From going to that in Southampton, the thing that I realised was that there were families there to experience it, the stuff on the stages was funny - it was just a very beautiful day.

"There were local support groups and families, I chatted to a few charities and it all made sense as to why I am the way I am - I am not your average person, I am a little bit weird and a little bit quirky.

"I went to this pride event and a few days later I came out as pansexual."

Having come out Stephen felt like they were "born again" and could finally be themselves.

On subsequent Pride events, Stephen took family and friends, touring Pride events in the South East and beyond.

"Newbury has one, Reading has got one, when is the Windsor one going to happen?" they asked.

Having a background in event management, Stephen has since put plans together for a Windsor Pride, including where the procession would take place and where the stage would be.

The plans have since reportedly gone into the council and Stephen claims they are currently in talks.

Stephen said the council are keen to get the ball rolling on a Windsor Pride event.

A handful of people and companies are also reportedly interested in being involved in the event.

"Had I have gone through this 10 to 15 years ago it would have been amazing and I would have understood it," Stephen added.

"But when I was a lot younger it was c**p - it has changed a lot now.

"I think the whole messaging behind it is that times have very much changed and the UK is very forward-thinking with all of this - in other countries you get put in prison for that kind of thing."

However, Pride continues to push for a more inclusive society and Stephen hopes to see a Windsor Pride for the local LGBTQ+ community.

When asked why Stephen thinks Windsor has not had a Pride event to date, Stephen said: "I really don't know. I don't think anyone has tried to push it forward to do something like that."

Stephen added nothing is set in stone, but plans for another meeting with the council are reportedly being put in place.

A Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead spokesperson said:  “The council is always keen to listen to and support local people and organisations who want to organise events within their communities.

"The council has been made aware of proposal to hold a Windsor Pride event next year and early discussions are taking place to understand the organiser’s aspirations.”