Last year, a shocking 475 patients with tooth decay were forced to visit A&E across Berkshire, many of whom were my Slough constituents. Unfortunately, 135 of these patients had dental caries.

Over the past two years, the rate of patients being denied an NHS appointment has increased to 4.75 million. Tooth decay is now shockingly the most common reason for children aged 6-10 to be admitted to hospital!

The blame for this dentistry fiasco lies squarely with the Conservative government, whilst hardworking dental practices and patients suffer.

As the MP for Slough, I have and will continue to press the Government on their negligence regarding our dental services. This simply cannot continue; we must see progress in this vital area.

Labour’s plan would revive NHS dentistry - increasing funding to provide an extra 700,000 urgent dental appointments nationwide on the NHS, supervised toothbrushing in schools for infant children and reform the dental contract to rebuild our service for the future - so that dental care is there for all who need it.

Labour’s plan will be funded by abolishing the non-dom tax status, which allows people to work in Britain but pay their taxes overseas.