Chalvey Grove Children’s Centre Parent & Child session took place this Thursday and was visited by Lead member for Education Councillor Paul Kelly.

Cllr Kelly is also involved with Children’s Services, Lifelong Skills and Governance, and is a spokesperson for Health and Social Care.

Health improvement officer Jacqui Shadrache led the parents and children in a healthy eating activity.

Attendees learned about the importance of a balanced diet and how they could implement this into theirs, and their child’s, everyday routine.

Chalvey Grove Children’s Centre provides a range of Early Years provisions for children from three months to seven years old.

They offer flexible sessions that can be booked a month in advance to suit all requirements. They also run a number of subject-specific meetings such as this one.

Health Visitor Louise Yvinec also attended the session to speak with the families and answer any questions they had on the factors surrounding childcare.