Slough Mental Health Services celebrated World Mental Health Day in person for the first time in three years at Arbour Park Stadium on Tuesday, October 10.

The event marked their first face-to-face celebration since lockdown. The event had previously been put on remotely and was celebrated over the last three years online.

The morning concentrated on the theme of Co-Production, especially in ‘Enabling Collective Wellness’.

The event was arranged in partnership with the organisation’s Volunteer Peer Mentors, EMBRACE group members, and BRAVE Ambassadors.

With over 100 people participating as well as the teams at Hope College, BRAVE, EMBRACE, MHICS and CMHT, the World Mental Health Day event was a true celebration of co-production together.

The morning featured interactive plays from Hope College and speeches from the Director of People at Slough Borough Council Marc Gadsby.

Attendees also heard from Consultant Psychologist Natasha Berthollier and Head of Mental Health Services in Slough Seb Byrne.

Audience members took part in a co-production puzzle created by EMBRACE and witnessed the return of the OneVoice choir.

OneVoice co-produced their performance with everyone who attended, allowing all to join in and sing together.