A water park has announced it will be closing next month after a council order forced the business to scale back its offerings following the tragic death of 11-year-old Kyra Hill in its waters.

On August 6, 2022, Kyra was attending a birthday party at Windsor Liquid Leisure when she got into trouble in a designated swimming area.

Emergency services were called at 3.55pm and Kyra was found just after 5.10pm and rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A year on and amid the preparations for a full inquest into Kyra's death, Liquid Leisure Windsor has announced that it will be closing down on November 12.

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Since the announcement, the local community have shared their feelings on the news.

Angelika Hasler said: "This is devastating. You have brought so much happiness to others and the community in all areas and what you have done in the UK for Water sports is unfathomable."

Robert Kenney added: "Such a shame. There are not enough of these types of places. With the rise of outdoor swimming, mental health and well-being should be promoted. The kids loved it."

Meanwhile, Pauline Norris watched her children visit Liquid Leisure as they grew up.

"We have so many memories of summer days spent here with our two children; going in with them whilst they were little and then dropping them off with all their friends when they got older. It will be missed by so many people."

Barry Kade said "Ultimately incredibly sad what happened. Absolutely gutted for you and a world-class cable lake that will be sorely missed."

Susan Ashman visited Liquid Leisure from Yorkshire in 2021 and said it was a "shame".

"It was well run, fantastic and attentive staff and safety briefs were spot on," she said.

Lee Hawkesford said: "Should have kept it to adult only venue, water events and unsupervised kids don’t mix well. Is a shame though as has benefitted so many."

Sam Hall said: "I mean it is sad you're closing and I feel awful - an event shouldn't judge you forever. But not even acknowledging the loss of young life on your big spill, then I have no remorse for you."

Dozens have agreed with Sam, with another stating: "Not one bit of acknowledgement from anybody. What a cruel world."

Jess Bill added: "A young girl drowned due to safety issues. Yet not one iota of remorse in this post or condolences or sympathy over such a tragedy."

"The poor family of the child that died. The real victims. Let this be a lesson to all providers that have a duty of care overall visitors to their site," added Scott Holland.