It's Halloween and as little monsters prepare to take to the streets for a night of trick of treating - we take a look at the streets, pubs and buildings you should cast a weary eye at as ghosts are known to be on the prowl.


We start our look at haunted locations where we did last year. The Ostrich Inn in Colnbrook High Street, where even manager Sarah Morgan says she is always waiting for something to happen.

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The old inn was previously home to landlord and serial killed Mr Jarman who is believed to have murdered over 60 people on its premises.

Slough Observer:

Together with his wife Jarmen, they built a trap door into the floor of one of their bedrooms and would tip sleeping victims into the hidden compartment, into a vat of boiling liquid.

The couple targeted rich visitors, making large profits from their deeds.

However, their activities came to an end when a missing customer's wandering horse led to a search for the owner, Thomas Cole.

Cole's body was found in a nearby brook and some say that this Cole-in-the-brook is how Colnbrook got its name. His ghost is thought to haunt The Ostrict, with TV show Most Haunted visiting the Inn in 2002.

In May ex-Liverpool FC's Jermaine Pennant visited the pub with a spiritual medium where a recording of the evening claims to show a ghost swearing at Jermaine.


The old Upton Court estate was also believed to be haunted. Over many years domestic servants reported seeing the ghost of a woman in a bloodstained nightdress walking in the grounds, always on Friday nights.

Slough Observer: Upton Court, Upton Court Road, Slough. About 1670

In the early 2000's the Slough Observer took over the building and used it for as offices.

However the staff reported "feelings of being watched" and an "apparition of a young woman".

In May 2009, a series of paranormal investigators, including The Ghost Club were invited into the office were ghostly activity was found.

Slough Observer:

We'll be looking back at this investigation and speaking to staff from the time in the coming week.

Nowadays Upton Grange School resides in the premises. 


Windsor Castle is reported to be haunted by over 25 ghosts, with the sounds of previous rulers hobbling around the castle.

The royal tombs under St George's chapel hold the bodies of nearly a dozen royals, but their spirits are said to roam the castle. 

Queen Elizabeth I has reportedly been seen in the library, her 'footsteps can be heard on the bare floorboards, before her striking presence appears'. 

Other sightings claim to have seen King George III 'longingly looking out the window'. 

Slough Observer:

Windsor Great Park is thought to be haunted by a huntsman known as Herne who was employed by King Richard II during his reign.

Herne was said to have rescued the king from a huge stag while on duty.

After being terribly injured during the incident, he was saved by a man on horseback.

The story goes on to say how the mysterious horseman removed the antlers from the dead stag's head and attached them to Herne's own.

Following the incident, Herne was greatly rewarded for his actions and removed the antlers. However, he is claimed to have met his end after he was framed for theft by other jealous huntsmen.

Upon hearing Herne was a thief, the Royals cast him out and he later took his life from an old oak tree that still stands on the great estate to this day.

Today visitors claim to have seen an antlered figure in the grounds of the park.