HAVE you ever wondered how some of Slough's busiest roads would look if they were designed for pedestrians and cyclists? Now we know, thanks to a new AI bot from the Netherlands.

The artificial intelligence tool from Dutch Cycling Lifestyle takes a road address anywhere in the world, scans the Google street-view and pushes out four alternative images from a seemingly carless future populated by people and bikes.

Here are 10 well-known roads in Slough and Windsor, re-imagined without cars.

High Street

The bot has sucked all the cars and vans out of this snap, taken just outside the old Wilko on High Street, and replaced the tarmac with a brick pavement that is lined by wildflowers.

There are some pedestrians visible in the distance and a single parked bicycle on the left.

Ragstone Road

Here, the AI has replaced parked cars with a trade stalls and greenery.

Pedestrians are seen making their way down the road on foot.

Wexham Road

This is one of Slough's main roads, running up to Wexham Park Hospital. In this image AI has transformed the road with wildflowers. 

Bath Road

The Volvo Garage has been completely shut down in this AI image of the Bath Road with no cars. Greenery has taken over with a cycle path running along the route of the main road. 

Farnham Road

A much brighter and colourful version of the Farnham Road littered with planters and benches dividing the stretch between shops;