The Padel Hub, a destination for Padel tennis, launched in Slough earlier this month.

Located on Albion Close, The Padel Hub is the first of its kind in the UK with 5 indoor Padel courts, a court-side gym, changing rooms, a cafe, a bar, and a wellness suite.

The event brought together founding members and a host of enthusiastic guests, all of whom took part in the Padel experience at The Padel Hub in Berkshire.

Mauri Andrini, Padel coach and leader of Hello Padel Academy, provided attendees with Padel tips and guests witnessed a captivating match between members of the GB team.

Founder of The Padel Hub Charles Winterton said: "Padel is an incredible sport.

“I am extremely excited to launch a place where both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers can experience its profound benefits while becoming part of a positive community."