An enchanting family Christmas tale ‘The Adventures of The Little Red Hen’ is set to come to the Curve this Christmas.

The "energetic and humorous" take on the classic tale have been adapted from the original much-loved fable by acclaimed children’s theatre company Stuff and Nonsense. 

The show claims to be a "breath-taking" combination of tricks, specially commissioned live music, song, charming puppetry, and unforgettable comedy.

Stuff and Nonsense are known for their clever, captivating storytelling, ingenious staging's and ability to make all ages laugh.

Director Niki McCretton leads the way in using child-centred collaboration to create shows that put children at the heart. Founded in 2001, Stuff and Nonsense has created eleven original productions based on well-known tales. The company has delivered around 2300 performances to over 325,000 people.

The original ‘Little Red Hen’ was an American fable dating back to 1874. The story was designed to teach children the importance of hard work and personal initiative. 

The show is suitable for all the family and children aged three years and up. 

It will be on at the Curve from December 12 to 16 December with morning and afternoon performances. 

Tickets cost between £8 and £10 and can be bought at