Over a decade ago the Slough Observer was housed in the 13th century Upton Court manor.

However, with it came an uneasy feeling amongst staff with rumoured hauntings.

Historic textbooks document how a woman in a bloodstained nightdress was often spotted walking in the grounds, always on Friday nights.

In 1997 the Slough Observer made Upton Court its home, eerily positioned next to a graveyard.

A decade later and after multiple staff members claimed to have experienced the paranormal, a series of ghost hunts took place within the month of May 2009.

On May 22, 2009, the Slough Observer wrote: "Two teams of paranormal investigators will be setting up state-of-the-art equipment over the next two weeks to see if they can catch any unworldly spirits roaming the 13th-century building in Upton Court."

Tina Wright, 62, who was an accountant in the office at the time said: "The owner of the business, Peter Lawrence, always wanted the building because historically it had always been owned by someone in a media environment.

"We didn't really know anything about it - when we moved in it was an interesting building for sure.

"There was one room in particular called the Solar and he had kept as much as he could original.

"There was one lady in particular, she always used to feel something in that room - like a sense of cold, she also felt like she had been knocked in that room.

"When the ghost hunters came that is one of the rooms they really concentrated on.

"I personally didn't particularly feel anything.

"I do believe in ghosts - I believe [Upton Court] could be."

Another former member of staff added: "Upton Court was definitely haunted.

"I can’t really remember what happened now, things inside and out when I used to work late.

"I vaguely remember being there by myself one night and the big heavy door was opened, then all the lights, which were sensor-controlled, came on one by one as though someone or something was walking towards me."

The Ghost Club, who document their own ghost hunt on their website, added: "The staff regularly reported feelings of being watched from the minstrel’s gallery, the apparition of a young woman had been seen and unexplained sounds heard."

It is understood that during the paranormal investigation, all staff bar one were asked to leave.

The Observer later shared an update on May 30, 2009, stating: "Ghostly activity is happening all around us at Observer HQ, according to a team of paranormal investigators.

"Researchers Southern Paranormal claimed to have made connections with a large, important man and a woman gazing out from a window, waiting for a gentleman."

Investigators used equipment including electromagnetic field meters, a thermal imaging camera, digital cameras and a dictaphone.

The article continued: "It was in the ground floor great hall, with its original central fire pit and timbered minstrels gallery, that the team made their first "connection" with a ghostly presence.

"Although they use equipment in the hope of recording any findings, the investigators work by making mental connections with any ethereal presence.

"Thus it was that they came upon the imposing figure of a large man seated on a raised dais.

"Elias Kupfermann, of Slough, described the spooky encounter. He said: 'He was of some importance and we felt obliged to bow to him, though he was dressed in rough clothing with no finery. The name Egbert or something similar was picked up. It was felt that he was of 14th-century date.'

"The great hall was obviously buzzing with night-time activity as during the visit there were four separate reports of seeing a glimpse of someone walking towards the ladies toilets and the sound of footsteps.

"Moving upstairs to a store room, with the remains of old inscriptions on the walls, the group sensed the presence of a lady dating back to the early 19th century.

"Mr Kupfermann added: 'She was looking out of the window as though waiting for someone. We later picked up that her name was either Elizabeth or Eliza with a possible surname of Brooks and that she was waiting for a gentleman called George. We felt that she looked after children and it was sensed that there was a rocking horse in the room.'"

Previously investigator and spiritualist Nigel Townsend had visited the Observer and also made communication with a maid named Elizabeth.