Are you dreaming about a White Christmas in Slough this year?

In that case, the MET Office might be granting your wish as the Christmas season approaches, and the temperatures drop.

Although it is difficult to forecast the weather in advance, the weather service has predicted that some wintery weather may be headed your way.

Although England very rarely experiences heavy snow, a white Christmas is defined as when there is more than one snowflake seen falling in a 24-hour period on December 25.

With global warming rising temperatures and Summer weather stretching into October, the harder it is to imagine the possibility of a White Christmas.

Will it be a White Christmas in Slough?

Slough Observer:

The MET Office explained that it’s hard to predict what the forecast will be next month but didn’t rule out the possibility of snow this festive season.

Grahame Madge is a climate spokesman for the MET Office.

He said: “It isn’t scientifically possible to determine the weather forecast for more than a week or so ahead. So, this far out, we can’t have any indication about whether a White Christmas is likely.

“Climatologically, cold snaps are becoming less frequent but they are still possible even in a warming climate.

“Most winters contain a period or two of colder conditions so snow is possible if we have much colder than normal influences from polar regions, for example.”

Although it doesn’t look like there will be any snow in Slough, the long-range forecast says that ‘unsettled conditions are likely to dominate with further rain and showers.

Temperatures are expected to be on the mild side for this time of year but this could change as we go further in December and closer to Christmas.