Officers across Slough have seen an increase in residential burglaries targeting family gold during Diwali.

Although these thefts are normally relatively low, TVP Slough has released an alert on their social media to warn people to be aware.

Victims that have been targeted in recent weeks include South Asian – Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi – heritage, as these communities are sometimes known to hold gold for cultural reasons including weddings and religious celebrations. 

Police have stated that states that in several incidences occupants have gone out and left their doors unlocked and windows partially opened.

Residents have been reminded to secure their house properly. This includes making sure you double-lock your front door to engage all the locking points.

TVP Slough said: “Don’t advertise your jewellery or when you are away online – don’t post photos of your jewellery on social media and be careful mentioning holidays or extended absences from home.

“Avoid posting about Weddings, festivals and other celebrations where someone may be able to identify that you are not at home or that you own high-value jewellery.”