A MAN has avoided jail despite breaching a suspended sentence after a car crash in Slough.

Amit Lal, of Raleigh Close, Slough, received a suspended sentence on July 25, 2022 for being the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash and failing to report the accident.

The 32-year-old had damaged a lamppost in Wellington Street on July 3, 2022.

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He was required to attend appointments as part of the suspended sentence but failed to show up for two of the dates.

At Slough Magistrates Court on November 3, he admitted the breach but was not sent to prison.

He was instead fined £50 due to it being 'unjust to activate the sentence' as Lal has 'engaged fully' since the breach and it was his 'first breach'. 

There were also court costs of £60 making the total Lal needs to pay as £110.