Tickets for Ascot's annual Christmas event 'Lapland UK' have now sold out just two months before Christmas.

Lapland UK have written on their site; "Lapland 2023 has now sold out! For any cancellations that may become available, please check our tickets page and sign up to our mailing list above."

For those lucky enough to have nabbed a ticket, entry includes four hours of performances and activities for children. 

Mike and Alison Battle, Mother and father to four young boys, created the experience to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

Alison had always told her boys tales of a distant elven world at Christmas.

Using inspiration from the imagined world of his wife, Mike harnessed his creative skills to build Lapland UK.

In 2007, Mike and Alison launched the creation of Lapland UK, an immersive and authentic representation of Father Christmas’ arctic homeland.