A surge in burglaries targeting 'family gold' in Slough and neighbouring areas has been reported.

The victims predominantly hail from South Asian communities, known for retaining gold due to cultural commitments such as weddings and religious festivities.

Thames Valley Police said there is an increase in these incidents, particularly during the period of Diwali where the valuable metal plays a prominent role in traditions.

Police urge residents to take basic security precautions.

Records show many incidents resulted from doors left unlocked or windows partially open.

They advised to ensure the double lock is activated on front doors to maximise security points, as merely lifting the handle leaves the property vulnerable.

Recommended actions for residents include utilising safe deposit boxes for valuables when not in use, enhancing home security measures with CCTV, alarms, and implementing forensic marking for jewellery.

For households unattended for prolonged periods, people are encouraged to employ timer switches for lights to illuminate the property during hours of darkness.

More caution is recommended when sharing personal information online, particularly pertaining to high-value items or periods spent away from home.

People are advised against posting images of precious jewellery on social media, along with mentions of celebrations or holidays.

This is pivotal in circumstances such as weddings and festivals where it is easily deducible that the residents are not at home and own valuable heirlooms.

In both circumstances, it could make them preferable targets for burglars.