A YOUNG woman has been accused of smoking a cannabis cigarette prior to a road crash which killed a 77-year-old man in Langley.

David Anderson died in a crash after his blue Nissan Micra was hit by Renisha Sekhon’s grey Volkswagen Golf on Parlaunt Road in Langley, Slough on July 26, 2021.

His vehicle spun over the central verge onto the other side of the carriageway before hitting a Toyota Prius parked on the road.

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The pair were both taken to hospital, but Mr Anderson died as a result of his serious injuries.

Sekhon, 24, is now on trial at Reading Crown Court charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

She told the court on Tuesday (November 14) that she ‘occasionally’ smokes cannabis cigarettes to help with her anxiety and a previous eating disorder.

However, she denied smoking a cigarette on the day of the incident. She said after finishing work, she visited her partner's home to have dinner with her family and did not leave until about 10.15pm.

The court heard the incident occurred at about 10.34pm and Sekhon, who was 22 years old at the time, was travelling 70mph before the collision.

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Her speed was between 41mph and 47mph at the time of the collision, which is an agreed fact between the prosecution and the defence.

Sekhon, of Barton Road, Slough, said she had begun braking before the incident, as opposed to only braking before the incident.

“I knew the road really well,” she said. “It’s a road I’ve been driving down since I’ve passed my test. I know it changed to a 30mph so I eased off the gas because I knew I was meant to slow down.

“I saw the car and I did an emergency brake.”

When asked why she was driving at 70mph into the 30mph speed zone, she told the jury she ‘does not recall’.

The prosecution then suggested that Sekhon had not braked until she saw Mr Anderson’s car. Sekhon replied: “That’s not true.”

When asked if she thought her driving was dangerous, Sekhon replied ‘no’.

Sekhon’s partner, who has known her for about eight years, gave witness evidence in court and said she has seen her girlfriend smoke cannabis daily but states that she did not smoke on the day of the incident.

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However, the prosecution suggested Sekhon's partner was lying about her girlfriend smoking as she had been asked 'last minute' to give evidence in court.

The trial continues.