Hundreds of residents have turned to social media to vent their frustration as the sound of fireworks carried into the early morning.

November is often a time of celebration, with both Guy Fawkes and Diwali seeing fireworks being bought and sold in shops.

While many of us opt to go along to a public display, others wish to have a more private event, letting them off in their back gardens.

However, this can sometimes come at a cost, found out by one Langley family whose evening was ruined when a firework rocket landed in their garden. 

On Sunday, November 12, emergency services rushed to an address on Humber Way where a fire had erupted in a garden and surrounding fencing.

Fire crews put the blaze out and reported nobody was injured before handing the incident over to Thames Valley Police who are treating it as suspected arson.

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The Observer asked our readers for their thoughts, posing the question: "There has been numerous reports of people complaining about fireworks over the weekend due to Diwali celebrations. What do you think about this?"

Over 200 people responded to our query.

Gill Deacon said: "I’m all for people celebrating but when people are letting off display grade bombs 20 foot away from other residents houses, I think this is just stupidity.

"It’s these types of fireworks that should be banned from sale to the public."

Imogen Byrne added: "Personally I believe no fireworks should be in the hands of the public and all should be kept to organised and licensed events.

"They have never bothered me, my baby sleeps through and any animals I've had have rarely been that fussed by them, but I know a lot of people where the exact opposite is true, animals, babies and people with PTSD can have real bad effects from them."

The law around fireworks states they must not be set off between 11pm and 7am, except on several occasions, including Bonfire night when the cut-off is midnight.

For New Year's Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, fireworks are allowed to be let off until 1am.

However, Jo Allman said: "Fireworks were still going on at 2.15am on Sunday/Monday.

"Impossible to sleep. Animals petrified. Was a celebration for some but an absolute nightmare for most."

Lorna Allen claims fireworks were being let off two nights in a row until 3:30am.

Tímea Lakatos said: "They need to think about others who are going to work early morning and stop the fireworks at 10 pm."

Lisa Hunter suffers from PTSD and shared that the constant loud noises were triggering.

"I do believe that people from all cultures should be able to celebrate special occasions. But, I have to say I found this year unbearable."

Many have called for silent fireworks to be used with Maggie Stringer stating: "It's not fireworks, it's how loud they are."

Russ Bourner said: "Other than the handful of ones that went off at 1 in the morning on Monday, can’t say they were anything to complain about.

"Good displays, let off from multiple back gardens, much like fireworks night in the 1970s."

Annie Avis added: "I’ve seen countless people moaning about Diwali fireworks who themselves attended fireworks displays for Guy Fawkes. Live and let live. Let people enjoy themselves and have fun."