Plans for two “smaller” homes that are aimed “to allow people to step onto the property ladder” have been submitted.

The proposals would see two new semi-detached houses built on St Georges Crescent, Slough.

Falling within an existing residential neighbourhood, the two-bedroom houses would include parking and amenity space.

The planning statement claims the new homes would be affordable and aimed at people trying to get onto the housing ladder.

It reads: “A key objective of the proposal is to balance making more efficient and effective use of the land with providing very high quality new homes that will make a positive contribution to local housing stock.

“The new homes have been designed to safeguard and contribute positively to the character of the area whilst minimising any impacts on neighbouring amenity to create an appropriate and neighbourly development.

“At its heart, the proposal seeks to make efficient and effective use of this sustainable site which is supported by the key objectives of the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework whilst complementing the wider character of the area.”

The development would fall near to bus stops towards the town centre and Maidenhead – as well as within walking distance of shops.

The statement describes the proposed properties as “traditionally styled” new homes and claims the two-storey houses would be of “appropriate” scale to the area.

It reads: “Given the scale of development and separation to existing dwellings, the proposal would also not result in any material loss of light nor overshadowing.

“Furthermore, the proposed dwellings would not be of a size of scale that might otherwise appear overly dominant or overbearing, given the scale of development established locally by existing dwellings.

“The proposed dwellings would provide a good quality private outdoor space, which will provide an area where people can spend quality time and enjoy their surroundings.

“The size of the garden would be generous and within established parameters for new homes.”

To find out more about this planning application, visit Slough Borough Council’s planning portal with the reference P/20359/000.

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