Slough Trading Estate has put in an Environmental Impact Assessment to Slough Borough Council for its plans to demolish six buildings.

SEGRO, the owners of the trading estate, submitted the assessment to the council on November 1.

It comes as another two data centres are set to be built in the area, joining the estimated 30 others already situated in Slough.

The application relates to the: "Demolition of 188, 190 and 200 Bath Road and the construction of a Data Centre with ancillary office space, together with landscaping, boundary treatments, substation, plant enclosure and all associated and ancillary works."

As well as the further demolition of 208, 210 and 216 Bath Road with the same intentions.

The report adds: "The principal environmental effects would relate to the demolition and construction phases, namely dust, and traffic movements and associated noise emissions. However, these effects will be temporary, short-term and managed in accordance with standard methods.

"No significant environmental effects are anticipated through the operational phase."

Next month SEGRO hopes to submit its full application, which will break the demolition down into two phases.

Phase one will see the demolition of 188, 190 and 200 Bath Road and building of data halls, office space, electric vehicle charging and cycle storage.

While Phase two will focus on the demolition of 208, 210 and 216 Bath Road with data halls and offices to be built in its place. Parking for this location will be based away from the Bath Road.

SEGRO hopes the development will be "highly flexible and adaptable for future use" with a "sustainable" design.

The demolition of the existing buildings will be done so with the environment in mind, SEGRO states.

A spokesperson for SEGRO said: “The Slough Trading Estate continues to be home to a diverse range of businesses and has been successful over the years due to its ability to evolve to meet the latest demands from businesses.

"The Bath Road offices have already become or are due to become vacant due to businesses preferring city or town centre locations, and as a result have been under occupied for several years.

"SEGRO continues to experience strong demand for the data centre space which is a critical part of the UK’s economic infrastructure and underpins all digital activity across government, business and communities.”

What are data centres?

SEGRO states: "A Data Centre is a facility used to store and distribute the data that we rely on everyday.

"Data Centres provide the core infrastructure that underpins all digital activity across government, business and communities.

"Data Centres facilitate most activities in our daily lives, such as using our smartphones, sending emails, shopping online, catching a train, or booking a GP appointment.

"They are fundamental to achieving advancements in all aspects of our lives, including education, healthcare, the economy, and the environment.

"Slough is an internationally recognised location for Data Centres due to Slough’s market-leading access to a secure data network and resilient power supply.

"There are around 265 commercial Data Centres in the UK, and just over 10 per cent of these are on the Slough Trading Estate (operational or under construction)."