With Christmas day steadily approaching, many are already starting to adorn their houses with festive lights, brightly coloured ball balls, and, most importantly, a Christmas tree.

We went behind the scenes at Yattendon Estate Christmas trees to see what the festive season is really like for tree sellers.

Being one of the largest in the UK, the farm boasts over three hundred acres of tree-growing land, which amounts to one million Christmas trees.

Unlike other sellers who may ship trees in from Denmark or Norway, all the trees on sale at Yattendon are grown on-site.

Managing Director Mr James Hole said: “We’ve been selling Christmas trees for over 50 years and started in the early 70s.

“The average age of a tree when it’s sold is ten years, so the trees we've planted this year won’t be sold until 2030.”

The farm also sells large display trees which could be as old as 30 years when they are sold.

The trees are harvested in November by a team of over 30. They are then sorted, netted, and transported to the selling yard.

Yattendon is also a wholesaler so many are also shipped off to brands such as Tescos, Mole Valley, and Lidl.

Premium trees go up for sale in their retail barn, where customers can also buy a whole assortment of Christmas decorations.

“Last weekend was our busiest weekend ever,” Mr Hole said. “We sold over 1500 trees. People are getting ready for Christmas earlier this year.”

The farm grows two varieties of Christmas trees. These are the Nordman Fur and the Norway Spruce.

The Nordman Fur is thicker and bushier with soft needles that don’t drop so easily.

The Norway Spruce is thinner with sharper needles that do drop easily, but it also has that wonderful pine scent.

As well as cut trees, they also sell pot-grown trees that customers can plant in their gardens and reuse each year for Christmas.

“Most people still want a cut tree because of the size,” Mr Hole said. “It’s hard to grow a potted tree to a big size, and to as good quality as a cut tree.

“People also like the tradition of picking out a new tree each year.”

Customers can also make a wreath out of the cuttings of their tree or a small tabletop. Buyers usually go for a six-foot tree which costs between 45 to 60 pounds.