Royal Borough residents have called for further support for motorists after the council launched a consultation that could see parking charges rise.

The survey of residents seeks views on changes of parking charges, which include options to increase on-street second and third parking permit costs.

Also proposed is the freezing of parking charges for the first three hours at two major car parks - Hines Meadow in Maidenhead and Victoria Street in Windsor.

It comes amid rises in other fees and charges being brought forward by the council in a bid to address its financial woes.

But Windsor resident Richard Endacott told the Local Democracy Reporting Serivce he believes changes to these parking charges could have a major financial impact on the town’s more car-dependent residents.

He said: “Ordinary residents, the people who live in our area, are either elderly or young families – and they’re being penalised. They’re really feeling it. An increase of car parking charges would further discourage them from going into town.

He added that he would like to see more transport incentives given to residents to access Windsor town centre.

“Windsor is an internationally acclaimed town. We get a lot of people who are attracted to the area, but as local residents, we bear the brunt of that in terms of traffic movement and traffic management.

“If we could get a fast and regular bus service into town, that would mitigate a lot of the problems raised from this.”

Other residents took to social media to express their frustration at the proposed changes.

Commenting on Facebook, Phillip Bicknell wrote: “This is short sighted and will damage the retail business in central Windsor.

“We are a tourist attraction like it or not but that mainly happens at weekends and the summer.”

He also added that he would like to see more discounts for residents.

Sarah Walker posted on Facebook: “Horrific increases proposed in parking fees, visitors and residents permits. Heaven help anyone with two cars that might need a permit.”

RBWM transport lead councillor Geoff Hill said: "We are sharing our proposed changes to parking fees and charges with the public, so that we can hear views and feedback.

“I am pleased to propose a freeze of parking charges in the main town centre shopping car parks, and to continue with the residents’ one hour free parking scheme."

The public consultation is ongoing until January 1, 2024.