Six professional dancers from some of the UK’s most prestigious companies are performing a specially choreographed piece for passengers in Heathrow Arrivals throughout December.

The troupe includes a former First Artist with the Royal Ballet and several former English National Ballet dancers

Titled The Reunion, the performance celebrates the festive reconnections that happen at Heathrow

Created by award-winning choreographer Ruth Brill, the dance has 239 moves, representing the number of destinations travellers can fly to from Heathrow

The first performance kicked off today (November 5) when inbound passengers were met with a specially commissioned ballet performance.

It comes as Heathrow enters the festive period, which last year saw around 64,000 people celebrating their Christmas Day in the Departures lounge.

Over 450 Here to Help colleagues will be on hand to assist the 6.5 million passengers expected to travel through the four terminals this month as they make their way to their festive celebrations.

Ballerinas bourrée gracefully across the terminal floor at the start of the ballet, with beautiful arabesques that grow into sky high lifts. In the final seconds, the dancers are reunited and warmly embrace as the choreography comes to a close.

Ruth Brill, choreographer, said: “It has been an honour to be tasked with telling the story of festive reconnections through dance.

"The message of loved ones being reunited at Christmas – and all the emotions that come along with it – is a strong one that moves many of us."

Tonia Fielding, Director of Services at Heathrow, added: “December at Heathrow is always a special time, with passengers jetting off to festivities with family and friends.

"And on the other hand, so many people choose this month to return to the UK to celebrate a long-awaited reunion.

“For all these passengers the Christmas journey starts at Heathrow, so we’re proud to give them a performance to remember."

The Reunion will be performed in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 Arrivals at 8am at 2pm on December 12 and December 22.