A new supermarket has launched in Slough offering heavily discounted goods to those in need and those looking to save pennies and pounds.

NotJUST a Store, located in Westgate Retail Park on the Bath Road, sells surplus and rejected stock from big-name suppliers at a fraction of their original retail cost.

It is part of a national non-profit organisation seeking to help those in need and save goods from landfill.

Dubbed a "social supermarket" the store is open to every member of the public, with no membership or referral needed.

A lot of the food sold by the supermarket is past its 'best before' date - not to be confused with the 'use-by' date in which food becomes illegal to sell.

As a result, a lot of the food and items are sold at discounted prices.

Other items on site are ‘available for a donation’, where customers can choose how much they wish to donate - including a community fridge and freezer.

Alice Bathie, 24, said: "The community fridge and freezer is working really well and we are able to help a lot of people.

"We save roughly 100 tonnes of food past its best before destined for landfill every month which is still perfect and tasty and safe to eat.

"A lot of it is quite discounted. You can fill up a basket with us for £5 which is £15 elsewhere."

Some products are available for a donation for as little as 10p, ensuring members of the community who are in need can still access the items.

"A lot of people in severe crisis are referred to us to pick items up for free," Alice added.

The Slough store is currently in the process of figuring out what Slough needs, with the potential of future projects or a community cafe.

"We know for a fact that the community fridge and freezer is something that is absolutely needed in Slough and loads of people have made use of it," Alice said.

NotJUST A Store is also tied in with the Slough Poverty Forum, and people in severe crisis are referred to them by outreach projects.

The supermarket is open 9:30am to 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on weekends with a constantly changing offering.

NotJUST A Store is currently looking for volunteers and paid staff. Those interested are encouraged to pop into the store and speak to a manager. The store is also looking for donations from local and national food distributors.

Alice added: "We are also looking for volunteers to help set up and run our pet food bank which is going to take a lot of strain away from the Slough Foodbank and will be a free service."

Giving Hope Furniture Project above NotJUST A Store is also providing massively discounted and free furniture.