Taking centre stage at one of the most iconic Christmas pantos, Slough star Robby Khela has had quite a career to date.

From working for Slough Borough Council, to touring with global pop groups and performing Shakespeare - Robby, 35, said his break into acting was "unconventional".

Now performing alongside childhood favourite Basil Brush and the "lovely" Anita Harris, Robby is currently playing Aladdin at the Theatre Royal Windsor's Christmas panto, written by Steven Blakeley. 

"I feel really blessed, I always wanted to work at Windsor Theatre and this year that dream has come true," Robby said.

"It has been a great experience. They have always said from day one that Windsor is like a family and it really does feel like that. It is really nice to be in that sort of environment.

"You think that with big stars come big egos but they are the nicest people I have worked with in my career so far.

"Anita always looks after us and Basil makes us laugh. They are just very nice down-to-earth people."

Robby has enjoyed performing from a young age when at age six he wanted to play Oliver in the school play.

He said: "My parents couldn't afford drama school so I went to University at Brunel and did an English and Drama degree. While I was doing the degree I saw an audition for a band that was being put together.

"I went along and auditioned and realised it was Telstar Records who were putting a group together."

Robby was successful and worked under the company where he received vocal training from Carrie and David Grant and later Kim Chandler. He also participated in Fame Academy on BBC One.

"I haven't had musical theatre training. Everything I have learned is through auditions and learning on the job," he added.

When he first got into the music industry Robby toured with Girls Aloud, Blue, Craig David and more, which he said was a "very different experience".

It was in 2004 when Telstar Records went bankrupt that Robby decided to take the plunge into acting.

"I thought let's put my singing and acting skills together and see what happens." 

After dabbling between fringe theatre and full-time work, Robby was working for Slough Borough Council when he took an opportunity with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2013.

He left his job and went touring for six months. 

"I decided to leave full-time work, go on tour and have never looked back."

Robby has previously played Aladdin at the Rhyl Pavilion, Wales, in 2022, but said: "They are two completely different shows."

Commenting on Windsor's panto he added: "We have three shows a day sometimes and the shows can bleed into each other and sometimes when we slip up on stage the audience gets it and we get it and we laugh and we move on.

"I've not had that before where it has been so fun and if you do make a little bit of a mistake the audience thinks it's fine. They are along for the ride with you."

Robby has auditions lined up going into the new year.

Giving advice to anyone looking to go into the performing industry, Robby said: "Definitely have a backup plan as the industry is very up and down.

"Don't let anyone say you can't do it. Believe in yourself and keep pushing forward."